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Attorneys Handling Birth Injury Claims In North San Diego County

Injuries that occur at birth can cause permanent damage. A lack of oxygen during birth can lead to a brain injury, which can mean a lifetime of caretaking. Parents watch their visions of the future turn into something they never imagined. Nield Law Group, APC, understands how painful birth injuries are. That is why our attorneys are committed to focusing on the legal aspects so that our clients can focus on their families.

We Use All Resources At Our Disposal

When your child is injured at birth, you are experiencing a devastating trauma. That is even more reason to draw on a firm that has the strength and resources — we can fight when you may not have the strength to do so. We have the capacity to take on complex cases like these and the experience to succeed.

As Carlsbad attorneys, we can work to ensure that all the evidence from the birth is protected. Medical records, fetal monitoring strips, ultrasounds and even films are valuable pieces of evidence that can sometimes go missing or be altered — we take aggressive steps to ensure that all of the evidence is accounted for.

Carlsbad Lawyers Representing Families Of Children With Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy or other conditions related to birth brain injuries often have specialized needs. We make sure that compensation covers all of those needs such as:

  • Modifications to home
  • Special furniture
  • Education
  • Home health care

We understand how incredibly difficult your situation is. We will do everything we can to make it easier.

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