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Lawyers Representing Hit-And-Run Accident Victims​

If you were injured or if a loved one was killed in a hit-and-run accident, you may feel as though you have no recourse. However, just because the driver fled the scene does not mean you cannot pursue personal injury compensation. The attorneys at Nield Law Group, APC, take aggressive action on behalf of people injured in hit-and-run accidents.

Exploring Your Options Following A Hit-And-Run

Pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers can all be victims of hit-and-run accidents. We will explain your options for filing underinsured or uninsured car accident claims, and guide you through every step of the process. If the driver can be identified and located, we will pursue forceful legal action against him or her. If your injuries are severe, that is all the more reason to explore your options for pursuing compensation.

The process of obtaining compensation in a hit-and-run scenario is complicated and can be challenging. That is why it is essential to work with experienced personal injury attorneys.

Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. Additionally, we spent many years as insurance defense attorneys. We understand what your case looks like from the vantage point of the insurance company, and will build your case accordingly. Lastly, from our years in the field, insurance companies know and respect us. Insurance carriers are more likely to reach a fair settlement when we handle the case.

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