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Pedestrian safety is everyone's responsibility

Pedestrian safety has to be a priority for pedestrians and motorists because the types of injuries that can result from a car slamming into a person walking can lead to death or permanent disability. There are several things that people must think about when they are trying to make sure that everyone can make it home to their family members at the end of the day.

One thing to remember is that pedestrians do have the right of way at crosswalks, but this doesn't mean that they should cross when it obviously isn't safe. Sometimes, you have put your safety before trying to cross the street just because cars should stop. At the same time, motorists should be watching for people who are going to cross the street and drive in a way that allows them to stop when they need to.

Wrongful death lawsuits can help you cope with the tragic death

The holidays are a horrible time to lose a loved one. If your loved one dies during this season, you are likely going to have to deal with very intense emotions. It is important that you take the time to address those emotions so that you aren't like a ticking time bomb.

We understand that you might want to just curl up and hide from the holiday festivities, but this isn't something that will help you deal with your loved one's death. Instead, you need to start working through the grief process. It isn't going to be easy, especially during the holidays, but it is possible.

Family sues after woman in golf cart killed by hit-and-run driver

An Orange County woman was riding in a golf cart with her spouse at Royal Vista Golf Club in Los Angeles County when they were struck by a hit-and-run driver. The woman was fatally injured and the husband survived. To make matters worse, the hit-and-run driver has not been located or even identified.

Failure to identify the hit-and-run driver, however, did not deter the family members of the deceased from filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Family members claim that the driver -- was not the only one to blame for the woman's unfortunate death.

Be ready to deal with pain in the days and weeks after a crash

Many people think that the pain they have because of an accident will show up right after the accident. This isn't always how things play out. Some injuries, such as broken bones, will cause pain right away but other injuries might not start to hurt for a few days or even weeks after the crash.

No matter when the pain after the crash manifests, you need to be ready to take action. In many cases, having a checkup with your doctor is a good idea because you never know what is truly going on. Plus, receiving a diagnosis means that you can get the treatment plan started.

Medical malpractice lawsuits might be about more than just money

Medical malpractice cases can involve patients who required very extensive care to address the original issue that wasn't treated and to try to correct or treat the issue caused by the malpractice. In California, there is a medical malpractice cap that has been in place for decades. This means that patients might not be able to recover the full extent of the damages they suffered because of the issue caused by medical professionals.

We understand that you might feel discouraged by the cap, but there are still some points that you need to consider if you are thinking about filing a claim for medical malpractice. You should think about the goal of your case.

Personal injury lawsuit calls malpractice cap into question

The California medical malpractice cap of $250,000 is being called into question in a case involving a jury award of $8.4 million. The case centers around a boy who was being abused. Doctors failed to report the abuse and the boy eventually suffered injuries that left him paralyzed.

The child was initially seen by doctors in the emergency room when he was seven weeks old. He had facial bruising, eye injuries and a blood in his mouth. No call was made to report a suspicion of child abuse. Only three weeks later, he was back in the emergency room with broken bones, a damaged spinal cord and bruising over a large part of his body. He was removed from the care of his teenage parents and has since been adopted by the woman who was his foster parent when he was placed into protective custody.

Drivers must be extra cautious around children on bicycles

Almost everyone knows that they need to watch for bicyclists when they are driving. This is even truer when anyone is driving around children who are riding bicycles.

Children don't have the same understanding as adults. This makes it harder for them to properly gauge dangers. They might not realize how close as car is to them when they are trying to have fun. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead children to do unsafe things when riding a bike.

Plan your steps after a car crash injures you

Car crash injuries can be very serious, but you might not feel like your injuries need medical care right away. Instead, you might be ready to just get home and rest. It is imperative that you think carefully about what you do when you are hit by a car because the steps that you take can affect your ability to seek compensation later.

It is possible that the adrenaline and shock of the accident are masking the signs of an injury. It is also possible that you could have an injury that isn't going to show up right away. Whiplash and some brain injuries fall under this umbrella. The possibility that you suffered from something like that is one reason why you need to seek medical care right away after a car crash.

Nursing home residents deserve top notch care, not neglect

Nursing home residents aren't often in a position where they can speak up about what is happening to them. The sad fact about this is that there are many cases in which these vulnerable residents suffer severe pain and serious injuries just because the nursing home and its staff are trying to minimize expenses and cut costs.

There is a bill that Governor Jerry Brown can sign that would help make it much easier to handle cases of nursing home abuse and neglect. As it stands today, California law states that evidence of altered records in nursing homes must be clear and convincing if action is going to be taken.

Pneumonia in patients on ventilators can turn deadly

Patients who are on a ventilator are often in poor condition. While there are some patients who are on specialized ventilators that they can wear home and other places, this isn't always the case.

For any patient who is on a ventilator, staying as healthy as possible is imperative. All of these patients run the risk of developing ventilator-associated pneumonia. This is a dangerous condition because it is a serious infection in already weakened lungs.

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