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Car Accidents

5 tips to avoid bike versus car crashes

Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise, but it can also create a risk of getting into a serious auto accident. Drivers don’t always look out for cyclists, which means that cyclists often have the burden of watching out for drivers and trying to stay safe. If a...

What causes rollover collisions?

It isn’t particularly common that you see a crash that has resulted in a rollover, but they do happen. Rollover crashes are more common when the vehicles involved in a crash include an SUV or tall, narrow car or truck compared to those set low to the ground. They are...

Road rage is a growing epidemic

Turn on your radio on a Friday evening during rush hour in Los Angeles and you just might hear local classical music station KUSC’s anti-road rage playlist. This is one way that the city is trying to combat the growing road rage problem that they are facing.  Reports...



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