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My youngest daughter was involved in a horrific accident with a large breed dog at an animal shelter when she was 7. She ended up at a pediatric trauma center and had to undergo surgery for 3 hours for close to 1,000 stitches in her face. We were all devastated. During her recovery, my father referred me to Nield Law Group stating they had successfully helped him with a dental malpractice case years prior. We are so glad that we did. From the moment we made contact with them we felt relief. They guided us through everything and always made sure we were aware of progress or setbacks. It was a difficult journey for our family, but in the end, Nield Law Group was able to get us a very sizable settlement that will ensure our daughter’s future medical needs are covered as well as college and beyond. We are so grateful for their diligence, perseverance and their unwavering and methodical attention to detail. We feel truly blessed to have been their clients.

– Ang

Nield Law Group is a high-quality professional law firm. I was referred to Ed Nield and his team following a horrific incident at a military hospital. Ed and his team immediately set to work preparing my case. He explained the limitations of Federal Tort Claims and despite the mandated limitations, they fought hard and won me a very satisfactory outcome. There were several challenges including a global pandemic and me on the other side of the country dealing with a dying mother. Ed and his team kept me well informed through email and scheduled phone conferences. Working diligently, they were able to have a sizable Medicare lien waived. I felt complete confidence in Ed and Danielle’s representation. My wife also felt well informed and involved in the process. I specifically want to thank Ed for listening to my concerns and explaining things to me in a succinct non-presumptive manner. Diana in the office was on top of communication and scheduling. Overall, it was the best experience I could have asked for under the circumstances.
– Jim

An unfortunate medical error in a hospital resulted in me having three major surgeries and I spent over two weeks in the hospital. The Nield Law Group took my case and guided it to a successful result for me. Diana always kept in touch with me and I always knew what was happening and when it was happening. They are very professional and caring and I would recommend to everyone.

– Barbara and Roger

I am grateful to God for directing us to the law office of Nield Law Group, APC. Our son was a victim of a hit and run, drunk driver. We were devastated by this unexpected incident. My son was in ICU for 3 days and then we were able to bring him home. We had no plans to hire an attorney but were lost and wanted to make sure our son was protected and taken care of with all the incoming medical bills. We were referred to Nield Law Group, APC. I called to make an appointment and was greeted by a very caring and calming voice, Diana. She scheduled our appointment. From the moment we arrived, Diana greeted us and offered us coffee and water. We then met Gabrielle Nield and her husband, (husband and wife attorney team). I immediately felt safe and knew they were going to take care of us. Gabrielle and her husband listened to us with compassion. From that moment on, this law firm, their team, work hard, diligently, and guided us through the process from beginning to end. They kept us informed and took the time to answer our questions each and every time. I felt zero stress as I knew we were in good hands. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone looking for a caring, hardworking, customer oriented, and honest law firm.
– Patty and family

The Nield Law Group, APC, represented me in a personal injury case which proved to be a very difficult situation with my insurance company, negotiations were long lasting but the Nield Law Group, APC, persisted and were able to obtain a favorable decision in my favor, throughout the stalled negotiations they never gave up and acted in a competent and professional manner to achieve excellent results.
– Gus

We retained the Nield Law Group, APC, to represent us with a personal injury insurance claim that we had been trying to handle ourselves and were getting nowhere, and we’re extremely grateful we did. They patiently walked us through the process, were continually available to address any questions or concerns we had, and handled our case with the utmost care, skill and professionalism, with nothing but our best interest at hand. Our case was quite favorably settled, and we have the Nield Law Group, APC, to thank.
– John and Tamara

When I was injured and approached Nield Law Group, APC, about taking on a major corporation, they did not back away. Everyone in the office was very professional and I felt they cared about me. They took the time to review the process with me, and to help me get them the information they needed to move the case forward in a timely manner. I never felt alone – they promptly returned calls and emails. Recovering from the accident was not easy, but I felt better knowing I had effective and capable professionals on my side. They my case worked diligently toward a successful resolution, and I was very happy with the outcome and settlement. I highly recommend Nield Law Group, APC, and would not hesitate to call on them again should I ever need to in the future.
– Tad

The Nield Law Group, APC, is fantastic! We had all but given up on trying to find some one that was willing to represent our case. They have the experience and resources to provide any case the elements it needs to be heard successfully. They were willing to take on a complex case, and were honest with me from the initial assessment, and every step of the way. I felt I was never alone when I had the Nield Law Group, APC, representing me, due to the personalized attention the clients receive, from the Attorneys and expert staff. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of honest, effective, representation. I never thought anyone would take our case, let alone successfully reach a settlement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
– James

Almost any time a person needs a lawyer, something unfortunate has happened in that person’s life. That was the case with us. Our family had been injured in a car accident. What we needed was expert legal advice and reassurance that our situation would be handled with personal attention and dedication. The Nield Law Group, APC, delivered beyond expectations on both needs. Ed and Gabrielle Nield represent over 50 years of combined legal experience and it was very evident. They had handled myriad cases with the same or very similar circumstances as ours and they were able to anticipate developments and proactively address them. No matter what the issue, they knew the answer and had options and recommendations at the ready. Throughout the hundreds of details that they handled on our behalf, they walked us through every step. They did this in advance of the event to prepare us and then they were side-by-side with us as each new step was taken. Their personal involvement was evident from the first day. Our emails were answered thoroughly and on time; phone calls were returned by Ed or Gabrielle personally. Unlike some stereotypes of lawyers, we felt that Ed and Gabrielle were far more interested in our level of satisfaction than their amount of compensation. They made us feel very comfortable and we trust their instincts and ethics without question. We sincerely believe that we had the very best possible representation for our circumstances. The end result of their representation was a favorable settlement on our behalf…and we owe that to the Nield Law Group, APC. As stated earlier, if you need a lawyer, something unfortunate has happened in your life. You need legal representation that is at the top of its game, and you need lawyers who care about you on a personal level and will fight for you. The Nield Law Group, APC, is without equal in their legal expertise and personal level of commitment. They have our highest recommendation and if we ever need an attorney again, the first people that we will call are Ed and Gabrielle Nield.
– Mike and Susie

Not only are Ed Nield and his staff true professionals, but they handled our brother’s med mal case against both the surgeon and the hospital with true caring. Someone at his office was always available when needed, and Ed Nield was always personally on top of each step in the process. He represented our family’s interest to the very end and took our case through to the final stages, without suggesting a quick settlement. We will always be grateful that he was the attorney who helped us through this process.
– Diana and family

The professionalism by which Ed Nield handled my sons medical malpractice case was excellent. He and the staff at Nield Law Group, APC, kept me regularly updated and I was never left wondering what was taking place. They were diligent in representing the best interest of my son and were able to reach a successful conclusion to a very trying situation for our family. My family and I truly appreciate the hard work and commitment we received from the Nield Law Group, APC.
– Paul

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my sisters and I who were represented by the Nield Law Group, APC, in 2013, in a malpractice lawsuit against one of the largest healthcare providers in the nation. This healthcare provider, failed to properly treat our dad, resulting in his death. We were aware that winning a lawsuit would not give us what we really wanted, which was our dad back, but what it would do is bring some justice for my dad’s life and help us to move forward. Everyone at the Nield Law Group, APC, was extremely professional. What was most comforting and what stood out the most was their compassion and empathy toward us. We really needed to feel that we were understood and that the representation cared about what we were going through. My sister’s and I felt that they genuinely provided both. Every step of the way was well communicated to us, which was helpful considering we had never taken these unknown, painful steps before. The attorney helped empower us to continue to move forward, not settling for less. The settlement we received was close to the maximum amount allotted through mediation. What this meant to us was that the other party was admitting fault, that they were indeed responsible for our dad’s death. There is no dollar amount that would be sufficient for the exchange of our dad’s life and what we lost in our own lives when we lost him, but we are thankful for the resolution it brought and that we could close the door on this part of our journey through the process of grief. We would confidently refer anyone to the Nield Law Group, APC, and not hesitate for a moment to use their services again, should the need present itself. With much gratitude and sincerity,
– Lisa, Leslie, and Lindsay