Your Recovery Is On The Horizon

Attorneys Handling Spinal Cord Injury Claims In Carlsbad and Surrounding Areas​

Damage to the spine can result in a lifetime of pain. In the most serious spinal cord injury cases, the damage may lead to difficulty moving or even paraplegia or quadriplegia. Recovering and adapting to life with a spine injury is expensive. Victims have the right to seek compensation. Throughout Southern California, accident victims turn to Nield Law Group, APC, for help getting the compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

Our attorneys frequently represent people who suffered spinal cord injuries in auto accidents. However, these injuries may also be the result of medical malpractice, falling accidents and other acts of negligence. Whatever the case may be, if you are experiencing back pain after an accident and require compensation, we will fight for you.

Recognizing The Costs Of A Back Injury

We have the experience to know how insurance companies operate in these cases. We know that their goal is to pay as little compensation as possible. All too often, back and spine injury victims accept the compensation offered because they do not recognize the full cost of their injuries and how much it will take to recover. We will not let you settle for less than you need.

We take great care to review the extent of spinal cord injuries, working with medical experts and other specialists as necessary. Your settlement should be sufficient to cover any surgeries required, any physical therapy required, and any wheelchairs or other equipment required. It should be sufficient to cover all the wages you have lost and any wages you will lose in the future if your back injury prevents you from working.

If the insurance company refuses to pay, our lawyers will take the matter to trial. We will work hard to make certain you are not left struggling with expenses that you did not cause.

Let Us Fight For Your Best Future

It is not every day that you need the experience of an attorney to fight for you, but when that day comes, make sure you choose someone you can depend on. Contact our office in Carlsbad, California, for a free consultation. Call 800-827-1458. You may also contact us online.