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Untangling The Mess After A Ride-Share Accident

Most people would tell you that companies like Uber and Lyft coming to even smaller cities is a good thing. While having easy access to a designated driver or a ride to the airport is a great convenience, it comes with unexpected complications as well. If your driver gets into an accident, finding the compensation you need can become quite a challenge.

Here at the office of Nield Law Group, APC, you will find a California team that is dedicated to seeing you earn the best possible outcome in your case and one that has the experience to provide that outcome. Ride-share accidents are considerably more complicated than standard accidents, and it will take an experienced and tough attorney to battle multiple insurance companies for your best possible outcome.

Let Us Handle The Hard Part For You

When two independent drivers get into an accident, negotiations for compensation revolve around each of their insurance companies and policies. In a ride-share accident, the ride-share company’s policy is also involved and has different payout limitations than typical insurance policies. Between the company’s policy, the driver’s personal policy, and the other driver’s policy, knowing who to pursue for compensation can seem like a nightmare.

Thankfully, we know how to not only determine who owes you compensation but also know how to get it. The first settlement offers you receive are typically far less than you deserve. If you have already received one of these lowball offers, you still have the right to negotiate for something that matches the current and future costs of your injuries.

Do Not Settle For Less In Your Accident

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a ride-share accident, you deserve to seek the best possible compensation with a compassionate California attorney at your side. We are as vested in your best interests as you are, so see for yourself just what we can do to protect your future.

Contact us to schedule your initial consultation today. Call 800-827-1458, or you can email us here to take the first step in protecting your legal rights and your future.