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Personal Injury FAQ

After you have suffered a personal injury, it is easy to be left with more questions than answers. Here at Nield Law Group, APC, our California team wants to help you know more about what is coming your way after a serious injury.

  • Who will pay my medical bills?

    • After a serious personal injury, you are likely to receive some serious medical bills. Even if the other party is clearly liable for your injuries, you are still legally responsible for the bills. This is why we fight to have your compensation cover as much of your medical costs and everything else possible.
  • How long will my case take?

    • There is no one answer to how long a personal injury case can take. If the nature of your injury is more complicated, or the other party is more committed to fighting your case, the case will likely take longer. An average range for cases to be settled is one or two years. Some cases can take far less time than that, but it is crucial to have an attorney who is prepared to stick with your case from beginning to end.
  • How much is my case worth?

    • There is a lot that goes into the initial estimation of your compensation value. A good attorney will fight for everything to maximize your compensation. We want to see your compensation cover everything, including current and future medical costs, property damage, current and future lost income, and anything else that may apply.
  • Should I accept the settlement offer the at-fault party’s insurance offered?

    • The answer to this is to never accept any offer without contacting an attorney first. An experienced attorney can help you review your offer, as well as your entire case, and help you determine what course of action is most likely to protect your best interests.

Let Our Experience Become Your Best Advantage In Your Case

No matter what kind of personal injury you have received, you have the right to pursue fair compensation that covers the entire cost of your injury, and our California team can help you get it. If you are ready to take the first step in pursuing justice for yourself, contact us today. Call 800-827-1458 or email us here to schedule an initial consultation with a compassionate and dedicated attorney who is ready to fight for your needs.