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November 2013 Archives

Driver may face charges after fatal car crash in Oceanside

Anytime you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are assuming some inherent risks. Operating a vehicle means you are driving a high-powered machine capable of doing speeds well beyond the legal limit. San Diego drivers who exercise caution are doing their part to avoid fatal automobile accidents. However, negligent drivers can sometimes be responsible for a loss of life, as one man is now learning.

Homeless California woman receives $7.5 million after birth injury

The birth of a child should be an amazing time that parents can look forward to. California moms- and dads-to-be spend months preparing for a little life to coming into the world. What many parents do not - and cannot - prepare for is a birth injury. In a matter of moments, their entire world can be turned upside down. Mistakes made during labor and delivery can affect a baby - and that baby's family - for the rest of their lives.

San Diego girl suffers face wounds after dog bite

Growing up, children may be enamored with dogs. There are books and songs all about sweet, friendly puppies that may make a child think any dog in San Diego is approachable. However, many dogs can act out of fear when they encounter strangers, resulting in a dog attack. Not all dogs should be around kids, as one unlucky little girl found out the hard way.

Elderly man killed in fatal San Diego automobile accident

Losing a loved one is never easy, and losing someone as a result of a car accident is especially tough. Family members may have trouble accepting a death that seems as though it could have been prevented. Many San Diego residents find themselves victims of serious and fatal automobile accidents, as one recent incident reminds us.