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What to do if you are bitten by a dog?

Motorcyclists have a number of issues to keep an eye on when they are on the road. This is because they are less protected by their vehicle than other drivers. As a direct result of that, many motorcyclists who get into accidents can end up facing severe injuries due to being unprotected.

One type of injury is known as road burn, road rash, or skid injuries. Road rash is defined as a moderate or severe case of abrasion by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. This type of injury occurs when a person’s body is dragged against the rough pavement of a road. The abrasive action usually causes a skid mark, or “burn”, on the person’s skin. This burn can vary in degrees of intensity. For example, some people may get a slight road burn beneath their clothing if they hit the ground at a fast speed.

What to do if your child has a birth injury

If you are a parent of a child with a birth defect or injury, you may not know where to start when it comes to handling and caring for said injury. We at Nield Law Group, APC., understand that you would like to make your child’s life as easy as possible. We would like to help you accomplish that.

Many birth injuries are caused by a lack of oxygen, which can cause innumerable mental and physical problems for a child. Brain injuries are the most common. A lack of proper oxygen at birth can cause stunted growth, and can lead to developmental issues later down the road. While these issues can be difficult to predict, it is possible that they may be long-lasting in some cases.

The expensive aftermath of a dog attack

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they can also end up causing a lot of strife for other people if they are aggressive or not trained well. If you have been bitten by a dog, it is possible for you to hold the owners accountable for their dog’s actions.

Up to four million people have been bitten by dogs. This means that you are certainly not alone in your struggles. You may have been bitten by a dog that belonged to a stranger or a dog that you have known for a while. However, serious dog bites or dog attacks need to be treated quickly and carefully. This is especially true if you have suffered severe physical damage because of the attack. You may also find yourself suffering from emotional or mental damage as well, since dog attacks can be frightening.

Detecting and handling cerebral palsy

There are many potential birth defects. Some can be cured, while others cannot but can still be treated. Some are easy to detect while others can go by for years without any notable sign being made.

One such potential defect is cerebral palsy, which can affect a child but go undetected for upwards of three years. It also cannot be cured, but it can be treated and managed. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke defines cerebral palsy as a set of potential neurological and muscular difficulties that stem from issues in the brain. The brain is not able to properly relay signals to the muscles, which can cause issues with movement, seizures, spasms, or a child being unable to move correctly. Cerebral palsy can affect a child to varying degrees. Some children may have extremely severe cerebral palsy that will require the aid of another person. Some are affected so mildly that they will only need slight therapy in order to be able to function.

The dangers that pedestrians face

The roads can be a dangerous place for anyone. Pedestrians, however, tend to face the largest risks due to the fact that they are left without as much protection as most motorists. This can lead to a number of increased problems that you may face near the roads.

There are a number of places in which you may end up in a pedestrian accident, or in which you may have already gotten into an accident at. There are some freak accidents in which a driver may end up driving onto a sidewalk. More commonly, a driver may end up taking a turn without realizing that a pedestrian is crossing in front of them. Crosswalks are also a place where a large number of accidents involving pedestrians can occur.  Because of the nature of these accidents, it is usually possible for you to file a personal injury claim.

Benefits COPD users can lose if doctor’s orders aren’t followed

Dealing with COPD can be tiring, distressing, and expensive. It can be even more expensive and stressful if someone has had COPD for some time but was initially misdiagnosed or given a bad treatment regimen to follow because of incorrect or partial diagnosis.

It is important to understand that workers' compensation benefits can be jeopardized if the treatment for COPD is not given or followed correctly. Social Security Disabilities states that a refusal to comply with doctor’s orders can end with compensation or disability benefits being terminated. Because of this, it is important that doctors prescribe a treatment that is actually effective for the patient and targets the root of the problem. Otherwise, the patient will have difficulty following it, or may be unable to follow it at all.

What are the signs of shoulder dystocia?

Expecting mothers may wish to research how labor may go. This will help prepare her for the general process and what to expect, but it can also alert her to certain conditions that she may be able to identify if they begin occurring in the delivery room.

One such problem that can be watched for is called shoulder dystocia. This is an obstruction that can occur during labor which can result in injury to the baby or even death if it is not taken care of quickly. The American Association of Family Physicians states that shoulder dystocia occurs when the shoulder of the infant is caught against the pelvic wall of the mother, preventing the child from exiting the birth canal fully. One sign that doctors will be on the look for is “turtling”. This occurs when the infant’s head appears and retracts multiple times, similar to a turtle returning to its shell. Facial discoloration and puffiness can also occur.

Acting on suspicions of nursing home abuse

Dealing with suspicions of abuse or neglect in a nursing home can be a difficult and emotional experience. Many people do not know where to start when they believe that their loved ones may be facing poor treatment.

The first place to start is to get reports ready. If a person suspects neglect or abuse in nursing home, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that a report should be made as soon as possible. Reports are sent in to Adult Protective Services after being screened for legitimacy. After that point, case workers are sent to keep an eye on the situation and to gather information and perform inspections.

What is the basic definition of medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a large umbrella term. Because of this, it can encompass a number of different situations and scenarios. This can make it a little difficult for people to pinpoint whether or not something that has happened to them or a loved one may be considered medical malpractice.

The basic definition of medical malpractice is an injury that has come about either because of direct malicious intent on the part of the medical staff, or because of negligence. The extent of the injury does not determine whether or not it can be categorized as medical malpractice. Even a small injury could be classified as that if it was intentionally caused by staff or the result of negligence.