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Medical malpractice case concludes in a $1.8 million verdict

Surgical errors account for thousands of incidents of medical negligence each year and are responsible for untold amounts of human suffering. When the error is identified and found to be the substantial cause of the patient's injury or death, the victim or the victim's family can assert a legal right to compensation for the medical malpractice damages incurred. The right to compensation under that circumstance applies under California law and that of every other state.

Recent reports describe a tragic surgical error that occurred in 2011 in another state when a bizarre mishap inflicted permanent damage on the patient. The lawsuit recently resulted in a $1.8 million jury verdict. The plaintiff claimed that she was rendered sterile after an inexperienced doctor mistakenly cut her fallopian tube while trying to surgically remove an abscess.

2 vehicles involved in crash that sends 5 to hospital

Five people were hospitalized after a car accident in Del Mar recently. Two vehicles were involved in the crash just this past Sunday, and of the five people who were injured, four of them suffered "significant traumatic injuries."

The crash happened in the evening around 8pm at an intersection. According to witnesses who saw the accident, one of the vehicles tried to make a left hand turn on a solid red arrow signal, and an oncoming vehicle crashed into the turning vehicle. The vehicle that struck the turning vehicle didn't appear to be speeding, according to the witnesses. It appears that the vehicle making the seemingly illegal turn is at fault here.

Wrong rib removed, metal coils left in patient in bizarre case

The bar is so high for medical professionals, and for good reason. Doctors, surgeons nurses -- they have to be held to a nearly-perfect standard because they work they due is incredibly intricate and highly dangerous for the patients. One mistake and the patient's life may never be the same, or even taken from them.

So, okay, they have a high standard. Maybe sometimes a medical professional misses that standard, but you can at least understand how they missed it, even though you know they still have to be held accountable for their actions. But the following story? You would be remiss for thinking it was invented given just how ridiculous it is. Sadly, though, it is true.

Insurance problems in the wake of a car accident

If you have been in a car accident before, you know what it is like to deal with your car insurance company. It can be an arduous and trying time, and considering you are also dealing with the trauma of being in a car accident -- whether you were physically injured or not -- it can be difficult to keep calm given the severity of the issue at hand.

However, when you deal with your car insurance company, you really do need to be as courteous and patient as possible. We know that's tough, but it is vital. Understanding your coverage and providing your insurer with as much evidence as possible to give your insurance claim the best possible chance are a couple of good tips too.

Car collides with bike, killing rider

A recent car accident claimed the life of a 59-year-old biker after the biker apparently swerved out of his lane and was struck by a passing car driven by a 64-year-old woman. Details are sparse in this case, mainly because it is not known why the 59-year-old suddenly left his bike lane. It is entirely possible that this was just a mistake, and that nothing nefarious happened in the lead-up to the case. Still, this is a tragic car accident.

The police investigated the scene, and they don't believe that drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. The 64-year-old woman remained at the scene, and seems genuinely distraught over the events.

Outlining the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident

You are driving down the road just like any other day. Work was particularly brutal, so your mind starts to wander as you replay things that went wrong during your day. As you do this, you approach an intersection, and suddenly you realize you have to hit the brakes quickly to avoid an accident. So you slam on the pedal -- but it's too late. You crash into the back of another vehicle, causing a car accident. Thankfully, it isn't too serious.

But in that moment, a small part of you wanted to flee the scene. You didn't and that's a great first step. It may not seem like something worth praising, but many people choose to flee the scene. This is criminal, and it makes your accident much worse.

Older driver at center of yet another accident in San Diego

A terrible car accident in San Diego has left numerous people with very serious injuries. The wreck started because the driver of a Lexus lost control, sending the vehicle careening into multiple objects along the side of the road. Eventually the vehicle ran through a red light and slammed into the side of another vehicle carrying a family.

The driver of the Lexus was in her 60s and was taken to a hospital in stable condition. The family in the other car, though, wasn't so lucky. While everyone is now recovering, the people in the car that was struck suffered serious injuries. At the time of the wreck, they were considered "life-threatening," though it appears things are headed in a positive direction for the injured.

Mistake during surgery may have caused woman's meningitis

While the following story didn't happen here in San Diego or in the state of California, it still should send a sharp signal to anyone in the country regarding potential surgical errors made by trained professionals.

A couple of years ago, a woman went in for surgery at a Cook County medical facility in Chicago. She was having invasive surgery to fix nasal and sinus problems that she was experiencing. After the surgery, she developed meningitis, and according to the lawsuit this meningitis is a direct result of the woman's surgeon failing to take standard precautions during this type of surgery.

How should you deal with your insurer after a car accident?

No one looks forward to dealing with an insurance company. You can't help but feel like they don't really have your best interests at heart, and instead are looking to mitigate what they have to cover. Sadly, this is the way many insurance companies operate -- but they still serve an important purpose. And you have to deal with them after a car accident if you want to effectively handle the logistics of your crash and move on in a timely manner.

So what should you do with your insurance company after a car accident? First, you should read your insurance policy and know what you are covered for. You should then contact your insurance company and inform them about the wreck.

Been in an accident? Get legal help as soon as possible

Imagine that you are involved in a car accident. There are many different injuries that you could suffer, and a wide variety of them are serious in nature. The potential physical changes that your body can suffer in the wake of an accident are immense. You could be in a lot of pain; it may take a long time to recover; and when you do heal, you may not be the same.

But the physical injuries aren't the only possible injuries you can sustain. The emotional or mental pain accrued from the accident can be just as damaging. A person can suffer from extreme fear of driving or being in vehicles, just as they can carry feelings of guilt or despair (among many other feelings), after a car accident.