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San Diego girl suffers face wounds after dog bite

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2013 | Dog Bites |

Growing up, children may be enamored with dogs. There are books and songs all about sweet, friendly puppies that may make a child think any dog in San Diego is approachable. However, many dogs can act out of fear when they encounter strangers, resulting in a dog attack. Not all dogs should be around kids, as one unlucky little girl found out the hard way.

The 3-year-old now tells her parents how much her injuries hurt and wishes for them to be covered up. According to her mother, the incident was especially concerning, not only because of the injury but also because she worried she would have to put her daughter through getting a rabies vaccine – which they would have to inject into the wound.

It all started one day while the family was prepared to take pictures at their favorite spot in Balboa Park. The 3-year-old girl and her 2-year-old sister were looking at fish in a lily pond when a Chihuahua attacked, according to the girls’ mother. The girl’s father heard a shriek and found his daughter covered in blood. The young girl had suffered a bite to her face. The dog owner contends that the little girl simply got too close to her Chihuahua and scared it.

Chula Vista Animal Control said the dog is quarantined in its home for 10 days, however, the mother of the young girl feels that does not do her daughter justice. The mother said the incident merits that the dog that bit her child be labeled “vicious,” as her daughter simply isn’t the same anymore. Anyone who finds themselves a victim of an animal attack may be entitled to damages to cover medical expenses as well as pain and suffering. An attorney can help families file an animal bite plan and pursue the compensation they deserve.

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