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Driver may face charges after fatal car crash in Oceanside

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Anytime you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are assuming some inherent risks. Operating a vehicle means you are driving a high-powered machine capable of doing speeds well beyond the legal limit. San Diego drivers who exercise caution are doing their part to avoid fatal automobile accidents. However, negligent drivers can sometimes be responsible for a loss of life, as one man is now learning.

Law enforcement say a driver – who is in his 20s – may be facing charges including vehicular manslaughter, depending on the outcome of their investigation. The driver’s passenger was killed in an accident on Oceanside Boulevard, pronounced dead on the scene, and two other people were injured.

The young driver was behind the wheel of an Acura Integra when he veered off the road and struck a palm tree, which split the car in half. According to law enforcement, the car kept going and crashed into a Nissan Sentra. The two people in the Sentra suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Officials said they are now working to determine how fast the Integra was going at the time of the incident. They are also looking into whether he was under the influence. In this situation – as in many fatal accidents – the victims, including the injured, may be entitled to compensation. Damages they may pursue include medical expenses and pain and suffering for the loss of a loved one. Finding a good wrongful death attorney will be key in building a strong case to receive the compensation they deserve.

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