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Dog Bites

A dog attacked me…who’s responsible?

You were enjoying a day at a local park when a strange dog approached you. At first, it seemed from a distance that it was friendly, but as it approached, it became more agitated. While you tried to back away, you couldn’t put enough distance between you, and you...

Assessing the levels of dog bite injuries

California residents know that they should be wary of aggressive dogs. Dog bites can affect humans and other animals, and these attacks range in severity from minor annoyances to massive injury or even loss of life. As medical doctors and veterinarians spring into...

What to know about dog bite cases

If a dog bites someone while on your property in California, you could be held liable for any damages the bite victim incurs. The extent of your liability may depend on whether the dog was provoked or if the person who was bit had the right to be on the premises. You...



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