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Helmets protect cyclists in numerous ways

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In California, it is mandatory for children under the age of 18 to wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet. This law does not apply to adults, who are left to decide whether or not they wish to utilize protective headgear.

Many adults do opt to wear helmets when cycling, and this can often mean the difference between being injured and being killed in a bicycle accident. It is important to make a reasoned decision on the subject and consider how a helmet might protect you as a cyclist.

Protection from head injuries

The most obvious safety aspect of bicycle helmets is the protection they offer to the head. Helmets cannot prevent all injuries or even fatalities, but there is evidence that shows they can lessen the blow of a collision or fall on a bike.

Helmets as a visual tool

One of the most fundamental components of cycling safety is visibility. Bicycles are typically challenging for vehicles to see, because of their narrow frame. Helmets are often underutilized in terms of being a visual aid. If you have a black helmet on, then it is serving only one purpose, to protect your head. If you choose a brightly colored helmet, then it is serving multiple purposes. A brightly colored helmet gives vehicles a better opportunity to see you coming, which could ultimately prevent a collision.

The climate in California makes it an ideal place for cyclists to travel either for leisure or work purposes. Sadly, accidents do occur and if another road user has hurt you while cycling, be sure to check out your legal options.



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