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Why is it dangerous to talk with the insurance company alone?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Insurance companies pay millions of dollars a year to advertise themselves as friendly and helpful. They have funny commercials on the radio and cute characters that make you look forward to their next round of ads.

All of that advertising is a slick method of controlling popular opinion about insurance companies and their treatment of claimants. By making people think that insurance companies want to help and protect them, those companies position themselves to effectively reduce conflict when they underpay on claims.

You should never assume that an insurance company employee wants what is best for you over what is best for their employer. It can be quite risky for someone who needs to make a large claim to sit down alone with a representative from the insurance company.

Insurance investigators and adjusters want to protect their employer, not you

It is all too easy for someone trying to recover from car crash injuries to fall victim to insurance company manipulations. Someone with a pleasant voice calls you and asks if you would be willing to have a conversation with them about what happened.

Maybe they want to see you in person, or perhaps they want to record your phone call or arrange for a digital meeting. They might even ask for you to make a statement under oath. They will likely remain pleasant when you talk to them about the crash, but they will probably ask you a lot of probing or repetitive questions.

Their goal is to get you to contradict yourself or implicate yourself as being somewhat responsible for the crash. They may use leading questions or a complaisant demeanor to elicit unnecessary details or even apologies from you that could affect your claim. 

How can you protect yourself from aggressive insurance practices?

When making an insurance claim after a car crash, you can potentially protect yourself by working with a lawyer. An attorney will know how to handle the tricks that an insurance company pulls and will also know how to appropriately respond to questions in a way that won’t hurt your case.

Having the right support when dealing with a big insurance claim after a wreck can help you get all of the compensation you deserve and avoid falling victim to profit-motivated manipulations.



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