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Which drivers are most likely to cause you to crash?

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You might struggle to spot a dangerous driver if they were walking around the street. Some will look like your grandad, your teenage niece, or even you. Yet, when they are in the car, there are several clues to avoid them.

Distracted drivers are responsible for many crashes, so take extra care around anyone with their phone to their ear, an extra-large burrito dripping juice down their chin or an open newspaper on their lap. Yet distracted driving is not the only danger.

When a driver appears to be a threat, get out of their way

There is a place and time to be competitive or defend your rights. Yet doing that behind the wheel of a car could get you killed. If you want to get to your destination intact, it pays to let things wash over you. Here are some signs of drivers who may present a hazard:

  • You can hear them coming: You are meant to accelerate and brake smoothly. If you can hear someone’s engine roaring and brakes squealing between every set of speed bumps or lights, they are driving too aggressively.
  • You feel their wrath: When the guy behind you is clearly upset that he is still behind you, find a safe place to let him pass.
  • They are young or old: The very young lack experience and judgment, those in their 70s and 80s have weaker sight and slower reactions.
  • Their car has a name and number on the side: Anyone driving a car that looks like it belongs in the Dakar rally is either very lost or a wannabe racer. Driving a powerful car slow and steady takes incredible willpower, which many do not have.

Despite looking out for these signs, a negligent driver can still take you by surprise and crash into you, causing serious injury. If that happens, understanding how to claim compensation will be crucial.



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