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Semi-autonomous cars give rise to complacency, distractions

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Car Accidents |

California residents who are following the progress of semi-autonomous cars should know that the dangers involved in driving them have yet to be addressed. If all cars on the road were fully autonomous, then there might be fewer safety concerns. However, human drivers still have to keep control of a semi-autonomous car, and this is where the trouble begins.

Studies show that drivers tend to become complacent behind the wheel when driver assistance systems are engaged. The Journal of Safety Research reported slower reaction times in drivers when automated driving was on. Many mistakenly believe that they do not have to focus as much on the road when various safety systems are on, and so they let themselves be distracted.

Of course, a computer may react more quickly than a human being, but AI programs in semi-autonomous cars are liable to lag due to the extensive amount of data input and possible outcomes that they have to sift through. At high speeds, even a delay of a couple seconds can become a matter of life or death.

In addition, semi-autonomous cars depend on cameras and sensors for their data, and these components may become faulty. On the other hand, some technology may keep an eye on the driver and react when it senses the driver becoming distracted.

Motor vehicle crashes that involve a semi-autonomous vehicle can become complicated from the point of view of personal injury law. What’s clear is that drivers have a duty of care to others on the road regardless of how technologically advanced their vehicle is. If they fail in this, then they may be considered negligent. Victims of negligence may seek compensation for their losses, but they might want a lawyer to help them since auto insurance companies can oppose claims.



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