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Settlements can resolve many car wreck cases

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Many personal injury lawsuits that stem from car accidents aren’t going to go to trial. A lot of complainants and defendants opt to settle the case before the trial date. This is often an option that is much less costly and less time-consuming.

When you settle the case, you are guaranteed to get the settlement that you agree to. There aren’t any sure things when you are going through a trial. There is a chance that the jury might react to the case unpredictably. Taking that chance isn’t something that most people are willing to do.

You should know that you will be bound by specific conditions if you do settle the matter. Oftentimes, this comes with requirements that you do not discuss the case. Typically, the defendant isn’t going to admit that they were at fault for the wreck.

In order to get your claim started, a demand letter might be sent to the other party’s insurance company. This gives them a chance to see what you’re dealing with since you can outline your side of the matter in this letter. Once they receive this, they may ask that you have an independent medical evaluation.

There might be some back and forth about what the settlement will entail. Skilled negotiators are going to push for a higher settlement so that you can end up with something that adequately covers the damages that you have to deal with. The negotiator for the defendant will often try to low-ball the offers they send to you.

You need to do what you feel is best for you in these car wreck cases. Don’t accept a low offer just to get the case over with. Think about the future and what you might need to cover related to the crash.



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