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Getting a judgment is only part of the battle in a civil case

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There are times when people seek out compensation after a car crash. These cases can be resolved in pretrial methods, but they can also be handled by taking the case before a jury. When you have fought to get compensation, you probably want to actually see that money. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

Sometimes, people who have a judgment against them won’t want to pay the money. While this is understandable, they do have an obligation to make the payments. If they don’t, the person who should get the money might opt to pursue some collection methods that might result in them getting the compensation they are due.

Collecting a judgment isn’t always easy. Some individuals might stop working just so that they don’t have income that can be garnished. Even in these cases, it might be possible to find the person who owes the money and get them to pay up.

When they aren’t working a traditional job, you might have to turn to things like a tax refund garnishment to get the money due to you. People who have traditional jobs might become the focus of a wage garnishment. This means that the money that is due to you will come out of their check to you.

Sometimes, it is almost impossible to collect a judgment. You might have to use firm collection methods to try to get the money. This could take time and might require considerable effort; however, it might be worth it all if you can actually put the money to good use once it is collected.

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