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Car accidents result of negligent driving

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2016 | Car Accidents |

An accident on the road can happen for any number of reasons. Some car accidents happen because a driver is drunk, others from distractions behind the wheel and still others from carelessness. One of the most recent California car accidents involved two cars and numerous rescue vehicles.

A report on the accident, which occurred at night, noted that a gray car in which three men were riding was traveling at a high rate of speed and ran a stop sign. A woman and three children in a black vehicle were crossing the intersection just as the other car was speeding through it. The collision was severe enough to warrant four fire engines, three air ambulances and six ground ambulances.

Responders found the black vehicle on its side and were able to get all occupants out. Once they moved to the gray car, they found one passenger had been completely thrown from the car and one passenger had been partially ejected but could not get out of the car on his own. Initially, the driver did not respond to rescue personnel. The two men inside the car had to be extracted, and all seven victims were sent to several area hospitals for treatment.

No reason has been given for the speeding gray car, and no accusations of drug or alcohol use by the driver have arisen as of the time of the report. However, the other driver, family members of the children and the two passengers in the gray car may choose to file personal injury lawsuits against the driver of the gray car. Any awarded amount, which must be based upon proof of negligence, will help in paying the medical bills that are sure to accumulate. For California residents who have been injured in car accidents caused by the negligence of others, there are experienced attorneys available to help in seeking financial compensation.

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