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Outlining the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident

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You are driving down the road just like any other day. Work was particularly brutal, so your mind starts to wander as you replay things that went wrong during your day. As you do this, you approach an intersection, and suddenly you realize you have to hit the brakes quickly to avoid an accident. So you slam on the pedal — but it’s too late. You crash into the back of another vehicle, causing a car accident. Thankfully, it isn’t too serious.

But in that moment, a small part of you wanted to flee the scene. You didn’t and that’s a great first step. It may not seem like something worth praising, but many people choose to flee the scene. This is criminal, and it makes your accident much worse.

Upon staying at the scene, there are a number of other things you can do to improve your ability to deal with the aftermath of the crash. Check on the other people involved in the crash. If people saw the accident unfold, you should talk to witnesses and see if they are comfortable to give you information as a witness. You should take photos of your vehicle, the other vehicle, and the accident scene in general.

Make sure you call the police if the accident was indeed serious. Otherwise, if you and the other participant in the crash are okay, you can just exchange information. You’ll eventually have to talk with your insurer and, depending on the circumstances, talk with a lawyer if negligence was involved or if you plan on taking legal action.



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