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California city has worst rates for dog attacks on postal workers

On Behalf of | May 14, 2015 | Dog Bites |

As postal workers are tasked with delivering mail throughout neighborhoods, it makes sense that they are at a much higher risk for dog bites. Any statistics or information on these attacks, then, may shed significant insight into the issue of dog attacks in general. At the Nield Law Group, we have assisted many San Diego residents seek compensation after suffering dog bites. As we have seen the damage such attacks can bring, we encourage any information that may help to reduce these incidents.

The United States Postal Service released a listing of the rates of dog attacks on postal workers in the country. Three California cities are included in this list. Los Angeles, with 69 attacks in fiscal year 2012, was the worst.

Along with the release of this list, the USPS offered tips on responsible dog ownership. The postal service emphasize that training and socialization are very important in establishing nonaggressive behavior in dogs. Through obedience training, owners can both learn how to control their animals as well as teach their pets how to behave properly. Training may also provide good opportunities for socializing dogs, which has been shown to be a good deterrent for reducing aggression.

The USPS additionally notes that territoriality may be a problem for some dogs. Pets may feel protective of their owners and homes. By training against territoriality, dog owners may reduce the aggression their pets display toward people who come near or enter their homes. If aggression is suspected, dog owners are advised to keep their pets inside and away from the door when a person, such as a letter carrier, comes to the house.

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