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Aggressive dog killed by owner after incident in California

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Dog Bites |

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, and this is true in many situations. For the most part, dogs may be well-mannered, loyal companions for those who love animals. When purchasing a dog or deciding how to care for one, it may be necessary for pet owners to read up on California law and to always remember that despite how loving a dog is, the creature is still an animal and may snap without warning. Even the most harmless dogs can become frightened or angry and cause injury or emotional distress to others.

A California man escaped charges from law enforcement officers after it was determined that he killed his dog in a humane way and he didn’t understand the law about firing a gun in a residential area. The man took his dog into the woods and shot it after it showed aggression toward several children and bit the fingers of his girlfriend’s daughter.

Over a period of two weeks the man claimed that his dog began to act more aggressive toward others and he chose to end the dog’s life rather than deal with a potential injury from a dog bite or mauling.

Although the man was fortunate in this situation, many others are not. Children may deal with psychological distress and injuries from a dog bite and may fear animals in the future after a frightening encounter. Dogs and other pets should always be kept contained and on a leash when around children. Had the dog attacked another child, the many may have been responsible for medical costs incurred because of the dog attack.

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