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Valencia Park husky owner shoots pit bull in self-defense

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Dog Bites |

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend,” but in certain circumstance, they can become aggressive. For this reason, dog owners in San Diego are responsible for keeping their dogs under control and their neighbors safe from harm. Unfortunately, when pet owners fail to keep their dogs under control, their negligence can also put their dogs at great risk.

A pit bull in Valencia Park developed a reputation as an aggressor after it allegedly attacked at least two other dogs, one of which was a husky. When the pit bull became lose and returned to attack the same husky, along with its owner, for a second time, the husky’s owner defended himself. The owner managed to break away from the fight and run into his house for his shotgun; ultimately, he used the shotgun to kill the pit bull.

Because the pit bull’s owner failed to keep her dog from endangering her neighbors, she now faces criminal charges. It is unknown whether anyone witnessed the fight between the pit bull and the husky and its owner that led up to the pit bull’s death. The owner of the pit bull has not commented on the case.

Dog attacks can cause not only physical injury but also emotional distress. Fortunately, victims of dog bites or attacks may be entitled to compensation to help them cover medical expenses related to the dog bite injury. In these circumstances, it may be helpful to talk with a personal injury attorney.

Source: CBS 8, “Dog owner charged after neighbor shoots pit bull to death in Valencia Park,” July 2, 2013



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