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Pit bulls attack three elderly individuals in California

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2013 | Dog Bites |

Pit bulls are one breed of dog on which people cannot seem to agree. Adoring pit bull owners swear that the animals are docile and gentle provided they have received proper training. Critics argue that statistics consistently find pit bulls to be the breed most often responsible for a dog attack. The debate continues to rage in Riverside County, California where officials are discussing an ordinance which would force all pit bulls owners to sterilize their dog; the idea is to reduce the numbers of pit bulls in the county.

Controlling the pit bull population became more of a concern after three elderly women were attacked in separate area incidents this year. In January, an 84-year old woman was the victim of a serious dog bite injury when two pit bulls came after her in her neighborhood. Approximately three weeks later, a 91-year old woman at a hotel suffered a fatal injury after two pit bulls leaped on her. Last month, a pit bull bit a 76-year old woman who was out for a stroll, causing the woman to suffer a major injury.

Pit bull jaws are extremely strong, and a dog bite can cause a devastating injury. Victims suffer great pain, together with a risk of scarring and disfigurement. Often, the medical expenses necessary to treat a dog bite injury can soar into many thousands of dollars to cover a hospital stay and reconstructive surgery. Individuals who have been attacked by a bit bull or other animal may wish to consult with experienced legal counsel to discuss possible claims and appropriate compensation.

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