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Is it worth it to wear a helmet when out on your bike? 

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Pedestrian Accidents |

When it comes to cycling safety, there is one piece of equipment that everyone knows cyclists should use. Bike helmets are the last line of defense for your brain in the event of a crash. 

When a cyclist loses their balance and falls, a helmet can protect them from a brain injury. When a cyclist experiences a collision with a motor vehicle, a helmet could decrease the severity of their injuries or even save their life. 

Some cyclists believe that helmets aren’t worth the investment to purchase them or the obligation to wear them constantly. Is a helmet truly beneficial to your safety on the road? 

Despite shortcomings, helmets can make a difference

Although state law does require that those under 18 wear helmets when biking, there are no such requirements for adult cyclists. The decision is left to the individual, and many people choose to go for rides at least occasionally without a helmet. 

One of the reasons people give for not wearing a helmet is that bicycle helmets don’t have safety ratings for collisions with cars. Simply put, there are no reliable means of protecting the head sufficiently in a crash between a bicycle and a vehicle, so the safety testing for bicycle helmets doesn’t focus on such collisions. 

While a helmet does not guarantee your protection in a collision involving a four-wheeled vehicle, it can still decrease your risk of severe injury and death. Committing to consistently wearing a bicycle helmet may not protect you from a cycling crash, but it can improve your prognosis after you get hit by someone in a vehicle on your bike.



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