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3 leading causes of pedestrian accidents 

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Pedestrian Accidents |

There are various reasons why people in California opt to walk rather than get around by car. Concerns for the environment, cost-effectiveness, and staying fit and healthy are just some of the key motivators. 

However, it is inevitable that pedestrians and road users will come into contact on occasion. Unfortunately, this increases the potential for accidents. Examining some of the more common factors that result in pedestrian accidents could be in your best interests. Outlined below are three leading causes of pedestrian accidents

1. Crossing at intersections

Accidents at intersections are commonplace. At times, pedestrians may dart across at the last minute, believing that drivers have already checked. Nevertheless, there are numerous reasons why a driver’s view could have been obstructed. If a driver has not seen a pedestrian making their crossing, there is a significant possibility of a collision. 

2. Accidents near stationary vehicles

There are a number of ways that accidents can occur around stationary vehicles. Sometimes, a driver may let a pedestrian cross to be polite. However, this can be dangerous when they have failed to notice an oncoming vehicle from the other direction. Additionally, incidents frequently occur when pedestrians depart from public transport. Due to their stature, buses can impede the view of road users, making it difficult to anticipate a pedestrian crossing the road after exiting the vehicle. 

3. Incidents when backing up

Being in the vicinity when cars are backing up can be risky for pedestrians, particularly children. The vision of road users is typically obstructed when reversing. Additionally, if the setting is busy, drivers may feel under pressure to move quickly. 

As pedestrians do not have the same levels of protection as drivers, the consequences of collisions can be devastating. Understanding some of the leading causes of accidents could ensure your safety. If you have been injured as a pedestrian, there may be legal options open to you. 



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