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5 reasons to file a wrongful death suit after losing a loved one

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Suffering the death of a loved one never is easy. You may have a hard time knowing how you will move forward without your spouse, child or sibling’s presence. And then you have another trauma to process: someone else’s negligence led to your family member’s death. Maybe your spouse died because a drunk driver plowed into their vehicle at a red light or your child drowned when neighbors left their pool gate open one afternoon.

In the midst of your grief, you may not think about seeking healing beyond talking with a counselor. You may not realize how filing a wrongful death lawsuit could help. Here are five reasons you may want to file a wrongful death lawsuit after losing a loved one:

1.       You want to hold someone accountable for your loved one’s death. For example, if your loved died because someone was driving drunk or driving distracted, you may want to hold the negligent party accountable for that. You may at least know that someone’s criminal or improper behavior didn’t go unpunished.

2.       Your family member’s death has impacted your family financially. If your spouse died because of a drunk driver’s negligence, you now don’t have their income. You may have young children at home and not know how you will pay for childcare, your rent or your bills without your spouse’s income. With damages from a wrongful death lawsuit, you could feel more financially secure, helping you relieve some stress after losing a loved one.

3.       You are suffering from losing your spouse’s companionship and guidance. You were lucky to marry the love of your life, but now your husband or wife is gone and you are lonely.

4.       You relied on your husband to provide you guidance about your investments or your wife’s knowledge in caring for your children and helping with their schoolwork. With wrongful death damages, you could seek the help of a professional in those instances.

5.       If you don’t file a wrongful death lawsuit now, you may not be able to if the statute of limitations runs out.

You may feel leery about filing a wrongful death lawsuit because you can’t imagine having to relive through the circumstances of your loved one’s death in court. But with a personal injury attorney’s help, you may be able to get a wrongful death settlement outside of court and be able to move forward better after your loved one’s death.



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