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Not all drivers watch out for pedestrians

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Over the next few days, San Diego residents will be celebrating the July 4th holiday. With the increase in traffic, pedestrians will be at an increased risk of getting hit by cars. If you are going to be traveling on foot, make sure that you are being especially watchful.

We know that staying safe is a top priority for most pedestrians. In an effort to remain as safe as possible, you should make sure that you aren’t impaired when you hit the sidewalks. This can ensure that you are making the best decisions as you walk.

Unfortunately, impaired drivers will likely be on the road during both the daytime, when families and friends gather for barbecues and picnics, and also at night when large groups congregate to watch fireworks displays. Drunk drivers might not do what they should do, such as stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. This means that you might be struck while you are exercising your right of way. If you are killed by an impaired motorist, it matters little that you had the right of way.

In all likelihood, your top priority is going to be getting medical care after a pedestrian-vehicle accident. Even if you don’t think that you are seriously injured, getting a thorough medical evaluation is a good idea. Once you do this, you might decide that you are going to seek compensation from the at-fault driver who caused your injuries. We can help you assemble a robust personal injury case so that you can pursue financial compensation for the damages that you suffered.



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