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From road rash to brain injuries, pedestrian crashes are serious

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Pedestrian crashes are horrible incidents that can cause very serious injuries or even death. This negatively impacts the victims and there could even be doubts that they will be able to fully recover from their accidents.

There are many possible injuries that might occur in these cases. One of these is road rash. While this might seem like a minor problem, think about how devastating it would be to walk around for the rest of your life with visible scarring over a large area of your body or even on your face. This is a real possibility when there is a pedestrian crash.

Other injuries can also produce lifelong effects that considerably affect a person’s quality of life. Brain or spinal cord injuries can be devastating when a car plows into someone at a high rate of speed. In some cases, the car doesn’t even have to be going fast to inflict disabling injuries on a pedestrian.

Auto-pedestrian accidents are often life-altering. The cause of the accident is something that we work to understand when we represent an injured pedestrian. It is often something that comes up when the pedestrian seeks compensation.

If you were injured when a vehicle careened into you, the option to seek compensation is likely something worth pursuing. You could seek damages to help pay for your health care bills and to compensate you for the wages you were unable to earn while you were healing after the crash. Your personal injury attorney can also ask for future damages to cover the medical expenses you can be expected to incur in the future.



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