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Wrongful death claims likely from fatal crash in Folsom

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2016 | Wrongful Death |

One of the most common scenarios for a car accident in California and elsewhere is the crossover accident. One driver crosses over the yellow line or the median strip and crashes into traffic coming in the other direction. When one or more innocent victims die in the accident, the driver who crossed the yellow line will almost always be liable in a wrongful death claim to the estate of each deceased victim that makes a claim.

A fatal accident in which three persons died occurred recently in Folsom. The driver of a car traveling west crossed over into the east lanes and hit an oncoming vehicle in a head on collision at the Folsom Lake Crossing. There are many causes for this type of fatal accident. Sometimes a driver will be going too fast to negotiate a steep curve in the road. Impairment of the driver is always a leading cause of crossovers  collisions.

Many drivers fall asleep at the wheel, which may cause a vehicle to veer out of control and into oncoming traffic. Today, however, the primary cause of crossovers appears to be distracted driving. When drivers try to use their phones or other electronic equipment while driving, they are inviting disaster, not only for themselves but for the innocent victims who will be seriously injured or killed from the negligence committed.

The facts of this fatal accident are currently unclear. It appears that two people died who were in the crossover vehicle and one died in the eastbound vehicle that was hit head on. The recovery of sufficient funds in such catastrophic events is always a challenge due to the fact that state insurance laws do not require that maximum amounts of coverage be purchased. It is important to consult with an experienced wrongful death attorney in order to be assured that all of the several potential sources of compensation that exist pursuant to California law investigated thoroughly.

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