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Bicycle project stirs controversy in San Diego

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

Bicycling is an avid sport as well as means of transportation for many people in San Diego County. Residents can enjoy riding bikes for a relaxing weekend stroll along the coast highway or commuting to work during the week virtually year-round thanks to the temperate climate. The dangers that bicyclists face due to cars and other vehicles, however, are equally present every day. Fatal bicycle accidents are sadly a reality in the area.

An effort is currently being considered that by SANDAG that would create an interconnected series of bike lanes in the city. It would flow through multiple communities in the city such as Hillcrest and extend into Mission Valley and even downtown San Diego. The goal of the proposed project is to encourage more people to ride their bikes in the city and to increase the safety of cycling in San Diego.

There are both proponent and opponents to the plan. A large part of the controversy includes the proposed elimination of some parking spaces in order to create the new bike lanes. Some business owners are worried about the potential loss of business and income. Residents complain about the difficulty in parking in their neighborhoods. Bicyclists encourage the change as a way of preventing more wrongful death cases due to the negligence of motorists.

The future of the bicycle project through San Diego remains unknown at this time but the dangers that bike riders face remains certain. Victims and their loved ones may want to consider talking to an attorney if involved in a serious accident.

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