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California dentist faces consequences of 30 years of negligence

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2014 | Medical Malpractice |

For many people in San Diego, a trip to the dentist is anxiety-producing. For some, it is because the mouth is a sensitive area. For others, it could be the fear of what the physician may find or treatments that may be necessary. Dentists should be trusted physicians who can accurately diagnose and resolve an issue. Unfortunately, there are some, like one Southern California prosthodontist, who truly give patients something to fear.

According to a report, 18 civil lawsuits and small claims have been filed against the man over the course of roughly 30 years. In one instance, a woman asserts that it cost $18,000 to fix the mistakes the dentist made when putting crowns on her teeth. Another woman claims that the dentist caused permanent damage by negligently placing bridges in her mouth. In yet another case, a woman learned the dentist had acted negligently only after she switched providers.

Women filed the majority of the claims against the physician, with some allegeing that he yelled at them or caused ongoing pain and even bone loss. The California Attorney General’s office has filed a formal complaint against the dentist, and the state’s dental board is taking disciplinary action.

Going to the dentist can be painful enough for some people without the added complication of negligent care. Anyone who has suffered as a result of a care provider’s mistakes should consult with an attorney in order to pursue a medical malpractice claim. The money secured from such a lawsuit can cover the costs associated with the error.

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