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Authorities investigating fatal California pedestrian accident

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Operating a large vehicle can pose problems for even the most skilled driver. That is why it is important for those people whose jobs involve driving a truck take the utmost care to avoid a crash or pedestrian accident. California drivers and pedestrians may face serious – and even fatal – consequences when there is a slip in judgment.

A delivery truck driver had just made a stop at a restaurant and began pulling onto Main Street in Napa when he struck an 88-year-old man in a wheelchair. The elderly man had been moving along the south side of the truck and was trying to cross in front of it along the sidewalk that crosses the driveway. The delivery truck – which belongs to a grocery company – was going to make a left turn and had begun pulling into the street when it struck the man.

The elderly man died at the scene, and local law enforcement noted that the driver did not show any signs of impairment. As authorities begin to look into the incident and collect data from witnesses, family and friends of the deceased will also have some matters to attend to. They will be planning a funeral and grieving for their loss. They may also incur related costs, some of which the driver – or even the grocery company – may be held responsible for should they be found negligent. A personal injury attorney will be able to help the family file a claim to recover damages for both financial burdens as well as the pain and suffering they are now enduring.

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