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February 2014 Archives

Fatal workplace accident claims the life of California mechanic

Safety in the workplace should always be on the top of every business owner’s mind. No matter the industry, there are risks associated with every job in California. A fatal accident at work can be devastating for all parties involved, including the victim’s family and co-workers. Such is the case surrounding the incident that claimed the life of one San Leandro mechanic.

Would birth injury fund let physicians off the hook?

Every birth is different, which is why hospitals and obstetrics practices must remain vigilant to ensure every baby is delivered safely. An infant who suffers a lack of oxygen while still in the womb can incur devastating injuries that will forever alter a family’s life. In San Diego, parents whose child suffers a birth injury as a result of medical negligence should file a malpractice claim. These claims can provide the compensation a family needs to pay for medical expenses. However, they also have an interesting impact on the medical industry, as one state is currently reviewing.

California mother's death results in fine for negligent hospital

When a doctor or other medical practitioner commits an error that results in a worsened condition, victims are entitled to seek compensation. However, some states, such as California, take a medical mistake even more seriously and penalize hospitals for certain cases involving negligence. Taking such action is one way to help increase patient safety.

Mother dies as a result of San Diego pedestrian accident

You might often see utility trucks in your neighborhood. They provide power and get you back online when San Diego has an outage. These big trucks can do a lot of good, but when handled irresponsibly, they can also cause a pedestrian accident. One local family is now grieving as a result of a devastating incident involving a utility truck.