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Driving in a traffic jam? Stay safe with these tips

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Car Accidents |

California is notorious for traffic jams, so it would seem that most drivers would understand how to drive safely in heavy traffic conditions. Unfortunately, common sense seems to flee from some people when there are many cars on the roadways.

It’s possible that some people may become nervous when they’re in a traffic jam. Take a few moments to brush up on the safety tips related to driving in heavy traffic.

Never drive aggressively

Some drivers wrongly assume that weaving in and out of lanes will help them through the traffic jam. This is actually very unsafe because it’s aggressive driving. You have to ensure that you leave enough space between your vehicle and those around you. It’s possible that vehicles in front of you will suddenly brake,  and you lack sufficient time to stop.

Follow traffic laws

Following all traffic laws, including using your turn signals, can help keep everyone safe. You should also avoid distractions even if you’re barely moving. Watching what’s going on around you is critical in heavy traffic conditions. You may be able to brace for an impact if you can see one coming but can’t take any action to avoid it.

Even if you’re driving safely, you’re still at the mercy of other drivers to remain fully safe. Being involved in a crash can lead to serious injuries, even if it occurs during a traffic jam at slower speeds. Getting medical care is critical in these situations. You may opt to pursue a claim for compensation, which can help you to recover the money you had to spend on medical care and other expenses related to the wreck. California law limits how long you have to get this done.



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