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Could you have a herniated disc after a bike crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Unfortunately, it is the case that you could suffer from serious injuries if you’re hit while riding your bike. Whether you’re in a bike accident while in a bike lane or someone hits you as they pull out of their driveway, you could be seriously hurt.

One of the more dangerous injuries that you should be examined for is a herniated disc. The spinal column is made up of discs that help protect your spinal cord. If one of those discs herniates, it can press on the spinal cord. This pressure, if not relieved, could result in pain, unusual sensations or dysfunction.

In severe cases, it’s possible to suffer a permanent spinal cord injury as a result of a herniated disc. You could have partial or total paralysis as a result.

Is there anything you can do to avoid herniated discs?

Wearing good riding gear and a helmet will help protect your neck, skull and spinal column if there is padding, but for the most part cyclists don’t have much they can do to protect themselves in a collision.

If you are hit and find yourself on the ground, don’t try to get up or move unless you’re in harm’s way. That way, you can minimize movement and reduce the risk of further injuries.

What can you do about your expenses from a herniated disc?

If you are hit by a dangerous driver, that driver can be held responsible for your injuries. You can look into making a personal injury claim to seek fair compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered.

On top of the cost of your medical care, there are other damages that you may be able to claim as well. You may be able to claim lost wages, lost future wages, future medical expenses, pain and suffering and other kinds of damages to help you as you focus on your recovery.

A bicycle accident is devastating, and it can leave you with injuries that require months, years or a lifetime of recovery. It’s worth looking into making a personal injury claim to help get the compensation you need.



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