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What can pedestrians do to stop cars from hitting them?

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You should be able to walk along the street knowing that no vehicle will hit you. The reality is that you cannot.

Each year, drivers seriously injure or kill many pedestrians. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA) figures show 6,205 pedestrian deaths and 76,000 injured pedestrians in 2019 alone.

The primary responsibility to avoid these crashes lies with drivers

They are the ones in charge of the heavy, powerful vehicles. That said, pedestrians need to avoid running into the road without looking or trying to cross a street where there is no crosswalk. However, a few less obvious mistakes could also increase the danger to you – ones that many people make every day.

  • Trying to run across when the lights are already changing: Leaving it to the last minute to cross puts you at more risk. If the countdown is already on one, you do not have time to make it across safely.
  • Blocking out sounds: Listening to car engines and impatient drivers’ horns is not enjoyable, so, understandably, you might prefer to turn your music up to replace the sound with something more pleasing. Yet you cannot afford to do that when crossing a road or walking along a section with no sidewalk. You need to take your earbuds out until you are safe on the sidewalk once more.
  • Looking at your phone: If you are engrossed in the report from last night’s big game, you do not have the visual awareness needed to stay safe. At the very least, put your phone in your pocket when crossing the road.

Even if you made one of these mistakes, drivers still have a responsibility to watch for pedestrians. If you or a loved one is struck by a driver, it’s important to protect your rights and seek the compensation you need.



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