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Stay safe by skipping the coffee during your commute

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Car Accidents |

For many workers in California, a cup of coffee during their morning commute is just a staple. Maybe you brew the coffee at home and bring it in a travel mug on your way to the office. Maybe you swing by the nearest Starbucks to grab a coffee to go. No matter how you get it, you never really think anything of it.

But are you actually making yourself less safe on the road? Would you be safer if you saved your coffee for once you got into the office, or if you drank it while you were still at home?

It can be a distraction

The problem with coffee in the car is simply that it can be a distraction, just like trying to drink a soda or eat a hamburger. Every time you take a drink, you have to at least take one hand off of the wheel to hold the coffee cup. You likely tip your head back so that you’re not fully looking at the road as you take that sip.

The distraction only gets worse if anything goes wrong. Car accidents have been caused by loose lids slipping off of coffee cups so that the nearly-boiling contents spill all over the driver. Even just a minor spill can cause a negative reaction. You’re at risk of suffering burns from the coffee itself, but you could also suffer serious injuries if you cause a crash.

What if someone else causes that crash?

You may decide to save the coffee for the office, but you can’t guarantee that everyone else will do so. If one of these other drivers causes an accident, you may be able to seek financial compensation. for your injuries and losses. When you’re the victim of another person’s mistakes, you have every right to pursue a claim.



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