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Motor vehicle accidents and common causes of driver distraction

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Throughout California, Colorado, and across the United States, one of the most common reasons for motor vehicle accidents is a distracted driver. Researchers are trying to determine the root cause of driver distraction and take steps to reduce its frequency. People who have been hurt or lost a loved one in an auto accident should be aware of the chance that it was due to a distracted driver.

Study analyzes distracted driving

Research by Netradyne, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based company focusing on safe driving technology, shows that distracted driving is leading to greater accident risk.  In this study, more than 1,200 drivers were surveyed. The participants were 18 and older, had a noncommercial driver’s license and drove at least once each week. Those who took part said they believed that driving is increasingly dangerous. About 82% said they believe that distracted driving is getting worse while 91% said they think they are safe drivers. Nearly 50% stated they could take steps to be safer when on the road. Fewer than half said they think commercial operators are safe while around one-fifth said they believe truck drivers are unsafe. Artificial intelligence to improve safety is attractive to around 30% of the participants.

While cellphone use is undoubtedly distracting, there are other ways in which drivers’ attention is diverted from the road. Drinking liquids and interacting with passengers are also dangerous. Of course, surfing the web and checking social media are fundamental risks.  However, distracted driving is a problem that is avoidable through proper education and training.

Assistance with the aftermath of an auto accident

A motor vehicle accident can change a person’s life forever. Medical expenses in the present and future, damage to property, lost income and other challenges will come to the forefront. Having legal assistance to investigate the accident may be essential in proving that it was due to distracted driving or for another reason. Experienced legal professionals may help accident victims with pursuing a legal claim and being compensated.



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