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Statistics show troubling dangers for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

When you are riding on a motorcycle, you are at risk of many injuries if you are involved in an accident. One particular risk is to your legs and feet. Around 30 percent of all motorcycle injuries that aren’t fatal involve these areas of the body.

Besides the lower extremities, which are the most commonly injured body parts, you are also at risk of suffering damage to the head and neck. These injuries comprise 22 percent of the most common damage associated with motorcycle crashes. Next on the list are the chest, shoulder and back, or the upper trunk. Arms and hands come in next. Finally, injuries to the hips and pelvis, or the lower trunk, can be at risk in a motorcycle collision.

In the case of serious injuries, the rider may succumb to complications. The risk of a fatality is the greatest when the person faces injuries in multiple locations. Head injuries come in second on this list, followed by injuries to the neck and then the thorax.

When you look at that list, the need for proper safety around motorcycles becomes apparent. Motorcyclists are typically safe drivers, but their safety relies partially on other drivers. When everyone isn’t following proper driving practices, the motorcyclists are at an increased risk of suffering injuries or death. In fact, they are five times more likely to be injured and 26 times more likely to die.

Motorcyclists who are hit by other drivers might choose to seek compensation. This can be done by the surviving biker or by a family member of a deceased motorcyclist.



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