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Settlements and trials can resolve car wreck cases

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Car Accidents |

People who are involved in a car crash often decide that they are going to seek compensation. Once they make this choice, they have to determine what type of resolution they are willing to accept. This can vary from one case to another; however, there are two common ways that these cases are handled.

One option that is present is that you can take the case through a trial. This involves building your case and presenting it to the jury. The jury will hear both sides of the story and then makes a determination about who is liable and what, if any, award is necessary. This is often a long and costly process, so you must think about this if you choose to pursue this option.

The other option is pursuing a settlement. This means that you will work with the other side to come up with a resolution that both parties can agree upon. While you might think that this isn’t going to be possible, many defendants are willing to work out settlements just to avoid having to go through a trial.

You and the defendant can benefit from trying to work out a settlement. This is a less time-consuming and less costly process. For the defendant, one clause in the settlement might be that they don’t have to admit guilt in the matter. A confidentiality clause can also offer protection for both sides since the exact terms of the settlement won’t get out into the public.

If you are filing a personal injury claim after a car wreck, make sure that you understand your rights. Work to protect these as your case moves forward.



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