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Catastrophic injuries are possible after a car wreck

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Car wrecks can lead to very serious injuries, especially when the vehicles were moving at higher speeds. While there are some injuries like whiplash that might not show up right away, catastrophic injuries will usually be evident immediately.

If you’ve watched what happens after a car wreck, you know that the authorities usually say not to move the victims unless it is necessary for safety. This is because there is a risk of back or neck injuries occurring in car crashes. These can lead to severe impacts, such as paralysis or even death. On top of spinal cord injuries, you have to worry about a herniated disk and pulled back muscles, among other back injuries.

Another type of catastrophic injury is a head injury. This is one that might sneak up on you in the days following the accident; however, it is much more common to know something is amiss right away. These injuries don’t have to come only if you hit your head on something in the crash. They can also happen if your head is jostled around due to the brain hitting the inside of the skull as the head moves in a violent manner.

Chest injuries during a car crash can be particularly harrowing. If your chest is hit directly and with a considerable amount of force, you might suffer from a serious heart complication. Traumatic cardiac arrest, collapsed lungs and internal bleeding are all severe injuries that can come from a hit to the chest in a car wreck.

For the men and woman who are injured in car wrecks, seeking medical care is a priority. Once you do that, you may decide to seek compensation for the monetary impacts of the crash.



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