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Delayed symptoms after a car wreck are troubling

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Serious car accidents can put a damper on summer activities. When the wreck is more than just a fender bender, the occupants of the vehicle must be sure that they aren’t dealing with more than just superficial injuries. There are many types of injuries that can occur in these crashes.

One thing that is often troubling is that the symptoms of serious injuries might be delayed. A head injury is a classic example of this. You might not notice that anything is wrong until days after the accident when you have a headache that you just can’t shake. The time between the wreck and the onset of symptoms leaves time for any serious condition to go untreated and worsen.

Another condition that is associated with a delay in symptoms is an abdominal injury. These can vary from bruising to internal bleeding, so making sure that you take the time to have the situation evaluated is critical. You can bleed out and die if there is uncontrolled bleeding in the abdominal cavity.

Back or neck pain and numbness in the limbs might also occur in the days following a car wreck. This is likely the result of a spinal cord injury. The incidence of whiplash is common in rear-end crashes, so be prepared for this possibility if you were in this type of accident.

When you suffer a serious injury due to a car wreck that impacts your summer fun, you might be ready to take action. Holding the person who hit you accountable is best done in court. A personal injury claim provides you with the opportunity to seek compensation.



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