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Medical malpractice includes various problems

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Medical malpractice comes in a variety of forms. Any patient who is being seen or treated by a medical professional is at risk of suffering from one of these. It is imperative that patients have an idea about what medical malpractice might entail so they can spot it if they become a victim of it. We can review your case if you think you are a victim.

One form occurs during the diagnosis of a condition. You would expect that the doctor will take the time to issue a correct and complete diagnosis; however, misdiagnoses and missed diagnosis are both possible in these cases.

An example of a misdiagnosis would be a doctor diagnosing a patient with indigestion when that patient was actually having a heart attack. A missed diagnosis would be if a patient came in with all the classic signs of a stroke but the doctor didn’t make any diagnosis at all.

Along with missed diagnosis comes delayed diagnosis, which occurs when a doctor takes more time than what is reasonable to make a diagnosis. This might mean that cancer isn’t diagnosed quickly, so treatment can’t start quickly. The cancer could then spread.

Another issue that might occur is that you don’t receive the correct treatment. This could mean an incorrect prescription, the wrong medication or being told you need a procedure you don’t actually need. In all of these cases, you might end up suffering unnecessarily.

Surgical errors are another issue. This issue can encompass everything from retained surgical instruments or incorrect site surgery to improper anesthesia or failure to provide care during recovery.

If you have suffered harm due to malpractice, we can help you seek compensation. With the strict statute of limitations present, you need to take action quickly.



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