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Catastrophic injuries can impact every facet of life

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Car crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries that cause damage to the brain or spinal cord. This damage can impact every facet of your life, including your home and career. These impacts can make it hard for you to enjoy your life. We understand that your focus has to be on healing from the injuries. You might not think that you have time to handle anything else.

There is one other point that you need to think about — seeking compensation. Compensation is a way that you can hold the person who caused the crash accountable for what happened. You shouldn’t have to pay for the expenses of the crash yourself when it wasn’t your fault.

Even though you might not be able to add anything else to your schedule now, you shouldn’t count on filing for compensation. We can help you handle the legal case so that you can keep focusing on you.

In California, you have specific time limits that you must comply with when you are seeking compensation. If this time limit passes, you won’t be able to try to get the compensation you deserve.

Throughout the case, you will face decisions. You have to think about the options you have so that you can make choices that you feel are in your best interest. In some instances, you might be able to get a settlement for your case. This can resolve the case faster but you must consider the terms carefully. Once you agree to a settlement, you won’t be able to come back later to demand more money if you find out that the settlement didn’t cover all of the expenses you have because of the crash.



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