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The impacts of a crash on your life can be overwhelming

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2018 | Car Accidents |

The issues that can come up as a result of a car accident vary depending on the circumstances of the incident and the victim’s life. For some people, a car crash is life-altering, not only because of the accident, but also because the vehicle was their only mode of transportation. While it is true that San Diego has a comprehensive list of public transportation options, those don’t work for everyone. Plus, the added expense can be too costly.

When you are injured in an accident and lose your car because it is severely damaged, life might feel too overwhelming. The priority in this case is that you get the medical care that you need. From there, you can move on to worrying about the financial and logistical aspects of the incident.

We understand what a challenge you are facing now. If you suffered injuries, such as a head injury or broken bones, you might be physically unable to take public transit options. The noise on the bus might be unbearable if you have a head injury and the jarring motions of the bus might be too hard on a broken limb.

While it won’t help you right away, you do have the option of seeking compensation for the monetary damages you are experiencing because of the accident. This can include trying to recover the medical expenses, lost earning capacity and other damages. We can help you evaluate the possibilities to determine what applies to your case and in what amounts. From there, we can get your case filed and moving through the process.



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