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Plan your steps carefully after a pedestrian crash

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Walking is a great way to get fit and stay that way. More than likely, you’ve never thought of walking as a dangerous activity. Sadly, it is very dangerous if the drivers around you aren’t paying attention to you. Pedestrians who are hit by motor vehicles have a very high risk of being catastrophically or fatally injured.

We realize that your entire focus is likely on trying to heal right now. No matter how minor or serious the physical injuries from the crash are, you are probably experiencing some emotional devastation. In some cases, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will creep up. This is something that can alter the course of your life.

You might find that it is difficult or impossible to head out for a walk again. The trepidation you feel because of the accident might force you to remain inside. This might even have a direct impact on your freedom and independence.

We know that you just want your life back. No amount of money is going to allow you to buy your old life back. Instead, you might have to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered in the crash. If your claim is successful, you might end up with the financial backing to improve your life. More money means that you might be able to try new therapy options or get more assistive devices.

If you are planning on seeking compensation, don’t wait too long. There are strict time limits in these cases. We can help you learn about your options and take action to hold the driver accountable for the impacts that you are having to deal with right now.



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