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Tips to avoid motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Although riding a motorcycle does have its advantages, it is inherently dangerous as well. Among the advantages, motorbikes are particularly responsive, there’s no window obstruction, and their tires have excellent grips. And for many, riding a motorcycle is thrilling. There are, however, certain risk factors associated with motorcycle riding as well.

Cars are generally looking for other cars on the road. Thus, since a motorcycle is smaller than a car, they are not as easily seen, especially when making a left turn. This is why motorcyclists should use caution when approaching a car in an intersection. They should not only be ready to stop, but to take evasive action as well.

Motorcyclists should also avoid riding on roads with loose debris and approach curves at a relatively slow speed in order to avoid wiping out. When navigating curves, riders should move to the widest part of the lane possible to have the best overall view of the conditions.

The most vulnerable time for a motorcyclist to get hit from behind is when they are stopped at intersections or crosswalks. That being said, it is important for the motorcyclist to be aware of their surroundings and approaching vehicles not ready to stop. To avoid direct impact, bikers should stay toward the side of the lane.

It’s also important to not ride in a lane right next to parked cars. Not only can people abruptly open their car doors, but pedestrians may walk out in front, or cars may pull out of a space. If a collision appears to be imminent, it’s important that a biker brakes as quickly as possible to reduce any potential impact.

When it’s raining outside, not only is the road slippery, but with reduced visibility, drivers are less likely to notice motorcyclists on the road. Thus, it’s important that bikers use extreme caution and drive at a reduced speed, and properly maintain their tires as well.

The most common factor in motorcycle accidents is alcohol. Alcohol is a contributing factor in at least 50 percent of all motorcycle accidents. Thus, it’s important that motorcyclists avoid drinking and riding at all costs.

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