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Did your dentist commit medical malpractice?

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The term “medical malpractice” is most often associated with physicians and who make surgical, diagnostic or medication errors. However, they are not the only medical professionals who can face allegations of negligence.

Dentists are also subject to claims of malpractice from patients. Below are a few of the issues that can result in dental malpractice litigation.

— Breaching the standard of care. Patients sued a dentist in another state who exposed patients to HIV and hepatitis because of his office’s unsanitary conditions. When compared to other dentists in the state, the standard of care was much lower in this dentist’s office due to lack of proper sterile equipment.

— Surgical errors. Dentists and oral surgeons use anesthesia during procedures. If not administered properly, patients could be injured or even die.

— Unnecessary treatment. Performing dental work that is not needed, e.g., extracting or filling healthy teeth, can result in malpractice claims.

If you feel that the treatment you received from your dentist was negligent or otherwise fell short of the standard of he or she was obligated to provide, you might choose to investigate your legal options.

Retaining a San Diego personal injury attorney with experience in litigating claims of dental malpractice can preserve your rights and keep your case from proscribing. That means that the clock has run out for you to take legal action against a medical provider who allegedly caused, or contributed to, your injuries or worsened medical condition.

Your settlement or judgment could include an amount for the future medical care you might need to seek to correct the problems caused by your dentist.

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